Lower Your Payment

Lower Your Payment

Lowering your mortgage payment means saving money for other things in you and your family’s lives.

With interest rates at an all-time low lowering your mortgage payment is easier than ever

  • Why throw away money by paying more than you have to. Take advantage of interest rates available to you that are lower than they have been in decades.
  • Even changing the terms of your mortgage can maximize your monthly income.
  • Check out our refinance calculator to see how a new rate and term could lower your monthly mortgage payment.
  • Every day, we help hundreds of Americans lower their monthly mortgage payment by refinancing. Contact us today and we’ll help you, too.

Why is Prime Home Loans Your Best Choice

  • Prime Home Loans will search for the lowest rate available in the market today.
  • Our team of dedicated loan officers are available weekdays and weekends to any questions you might have.
  • Prime Home Loans has been serving California for over 35 years.

Our most popular loan options for lowering your monthly mortgage payment

  • 30 Year Fixed Thinking about a more traditional fixed 30 Year loan option? Lock in a rate with us today with a  30-year fixed.

Refinance out of a skyrocketing mortgage payment with the fixed-rate security of a government-insured FHA loan. Find out if you could refinance without an appraisal with our easy Refinancing tool.

Qualify for a low rate and payment with the VA loan if you’re a qualified veteran, military member,            or eligible spouse. Ask us if you are eligible for the great benefits of a VA loan!

Get the lowest rate available in the market with a 5- or 7- year ARM and potentially pay thousands less over a traditional fixed rate mortgage.

Get rid of your high Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate mortgage. Lower your monthly payment                          and/or shorten your term — you take control. Save on interest over the life of your loan when you              refinance to a reduced term. It’s an easy application process — no appraisal is needed in most                      cases. You’ll pay no closing costs.