Helping Hispanics to buy and refinance their homes

As Hispanics, we take pride of our American Dream and the importance of building the future and well-being of our family. 

That's why PRIME HOME LOANS helps Hispanic homeowners -in language and culture- to maximize the benefits they can get from their financial decisions in order to progress.


With an experienced bilingual real estate and financing team, we help our clients get the most benefits to promote their economic growth.


That's why since 1993, we renew our commitment to the Hispanic community every day so that we can provide the Hispanic communty access to the best option available to them.

Learn about the benefits of refinancing your home:

As a homeowner, your property is an asset that can give you convenient financial options.

Mortgage financing can be obtained for many reasons: falling interest rates as a result of a crisis, consolidating your mortgage loan, and other debts into a single installment with a lower interest rate, or lowering the years to pay off the loan. 

Whatever your needs, it's always good to consult with your trusted mortgage advisor.

PRIME HOME LOANS offers comprehensive advice to maximize the benefits of refinancing or buying your first home.